5 Fun Ideas for this Season’s Fantasy Football league

The wait is finally over as the BPL season kicks off next weekend. It’s been a long summer and with new managers, players and Leicester in the Champions League it’s set to be the best yet. As with any new season it is customary to start a fantasy football league with your mates. It starts off a great idea: you spend hours picking your team, have that … Continue reading 5 Fun Ideas for this Season’s Fantasy Football league

Vanilla Joe’s

After hearing everyone going on about Vanilla Joe’s I was always reluctant to try it. I feared that it would be over-hyped and nothing different than the other ice cream parlours across Glasgow. Oh how I was wrong.Vanilla Joe’s, located on Montgomery Street in Irvine’s harbour, has a vast selection of tasty homemade ice creams and sorbets catering to all dietary requirements. The flavours regularly change … Continue reading Vanilla Joe’s

Pokémon Go: Tips and Tricks

1. Don’t level up low HP Pokémon – As your own level gets higher in the game you will start finding higher rated. So don’t waste Candy and Stardust on boosting a 60CP Rattata’s stats when you’ll find a 200 one in a few day’s time. 2. Visit areas with multiple Pokéstops – You’ll be able to get an abundance of Pokémon appearing here in a short period … Continue reading Pokémon Go: Tips and Tricks

If Southampton Hadn’t Sold Their Key Players

In the last two seasons Southampton sold seven of their first team players for £133m, most of them home-grown, but with the club then reinvesting around £110m of that on primarily foreign players you’ve got to wonder where the sense really is. Staggeringly four of their players have headed to Anfield in the last 2 transfer windows and you could possibly see more to come this summer … Continue reading If Southampton Hadn’t Sold Their Key Players

La Vita

If you’re looking for authentic Italian food in Glasgow then look no further than La Vita on Queen Street. This family run restaurant has deep links in the city having been around since Mario Arcari came to Scotland in 1958. We had walked by here countless times but it always looked so small from the outside that we never bothered going in but after a … Continue reading La Vita