Bar Burrito – Glasgow’s Mexican Heaven

Since taking over Pinto last year Bar Burrito have brought Glasgow’s Mexican game to a whole new level with vibrant restaurants and a fantastic food. They have taken the concept of Pinto an improved massively in key areas to offer a healthier and more enjoyable eating experience. The chain has plenty of exciting additions to their menu to enjoy such as their superfood Burrito which … Continue reading Bar Burrito – Glasgow’s Mexican Heaven

Stereo Cafe Bar Review

After watching Cowspiracy last month I’ve been a lot more open and understanding about why people choose to be vegan.  Hidden away in Renfield Lane in Glasgow’s city centre, Stereo is a vegan restaurant, a late night bar with regular live DJs, and a gig and club venue. I however only went the restaurant option although there was a free gig on downstairs with indie, … Continue reading Stereo Cafe Bar Review