Bar Burrito – Glasgow’s Mexican Heaven

Since taking over Pinto last year Bar Burrito have brought Glasgow’s Mexican game to a whole new level with vibrant restaurants and a fantastic food. They have taken the concept of Pinto an improved massively in key areas to offer a healthier and more enjoyable eating experience. The chain has plenty of exciting additions to their menu to enjoy such as their superfood Burrito which … Continue reading Bar Burrito – Glasgow’s Mexican Heaven

5 Fun Ideas for this Season’s Fantasy Football league

The wait is finally over as the BPL season kicks off next weekend. It’s been a long summer and with new managers, players and Leicester in the Champions League it’s set to be the best yet. As with any new season it is customary to start a fantasy football league with your mates. It starts off a great idea: you spend hours picking your team, have that … Continue reading 5 Fun Ideas for this Season’s Fantasy Football league

Vanilla Joe’s

After hearing everyone going on about Vanilla Joe’s I was always reluctant to try it. I feared that it would be over-hyped and nothing different than the other ice cream parlours across Glasgow. Oh how I was wrong.Vanilla Joe’s, located on Montgomery Street in Irvine’s harbour, has a vast selection of tasty homemade ice creams and sorbets catering to all dietary requirements. The flavours regularly change … Continue reading Vanilla Joe’s

Pokémon Go: Tips and Tricks

1. Don’t level up low HP Pokémon – As your own level gets higher in the game you will start finding higher rated. So don’t waste Candy and Stardust on boosting a 60CP Rattata’s stats when you’ll find a 200 one in a few day’s time. 2. Visit areas with multiple Pokéstops – You’ll be able to get an abundance of Pokémon appearing here in a short period … Continue reading Pokémon Go: Tips and Tricks