“Life Of Jambo” is the outcome of hours of painstakingly trying to think of a blog title. For some reason I was convinced that I couldn’t possibly start doing a blog without a snazzy intriguing name, and perhaps the fact that I don’t read blogs influenced that theory.

However, seeing as I study media and I am considering a job in journalism, I figured it was a good idea to start blogging.  I aim to publish content as often as I can with things interest me such as football, travelling, food, fashion and just generally what happens in my life.

My media achievements include: working at the Daily Record, arranging several large events, being The Tab Glasgow’s top journalist for April, hosting weekly radio chat shows, providing the live radio feed from the Scottish Student Journalism Awards, working for student ran video production company Basement Productions and doing YouTube videos.

I am a 24 year Scottish blogger and I have worked in retail for over five years. I am currently in 3rd year studying media and communications at Glasgow Caledonian University. 11150159_10204894566977248_3169769585110391202_n

One thought on “About

  1. Keep up the good work. I’ve recently started as well, my blog name was just a hashtag I use on Instagram and it seems to work.




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