Byron Burger

When I first heard the Byron was coming to Glasgow my first thought was “another burger place, really?” but after eating here on two occasions I can confirm that it is definitely worth the hype.

On both visits I received high-quality service which is something that I always look for due to my background in retail management. The staff were extremely attentive and always looking to make genuine small talk rather than the usual mundane patter.

Before I get onto the food I have to mention their Oreo Milkshake because it’s probably the best ‘shake that I’ve ever tasted in my life. They are all made from scratch and at under a fiver they are totally worth the buy.

I ordered the Chilli Burger which is a 6oz hamburger with green chilli, American cheese, shredded iceberg and chipotle mayonnaise. The burger was perfectly cooked and the kick of the chilli was beautiful. For a side I got sweet potato fries and coleslaw on my two visits and both were on par with Bread Meats Bread.

One big bonus for you vegetarians out there is that the veggie burger isn’t the usual boring grilled mushroom or the sorts: the bean patty is filled with roasted red pepper, baby spinach, tomato, red onion, aioli and their Byron sauce.

The prices are extremely reasonable and we were about £15-20 for a milkshake, burger, cola and side each. You can also book a table which you can’t do at other burger bars in Glasgow so you’ll never need to face disappointment again!

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