Getting Old

On Monday I turned 24. Seriously – where has my life gone?

I can remember my 18th like it was last week and my 21st feels even more recent. Normally I hate birthdays mainly because I don’t see the point in celebrating getting older but I also don’t like all of the attention being focused solely on me.

This year was completely different though and I had a brilliant day. I had to go into college 9-4 which wasn’t exactly the best start but I have amazing classmates and they really helped make my day special.We don’t tend to do cards or that for people’s birthday’s but someone got one for me and got everyone to sign it! To top it off? I got Pinto’s nachos for lunch and a post-college Tennents.13036359_10207272754070439_3734554_oI then went and met Ashley and got my presents. This year we set a budget of £100 since we are have just booked a holiday but as usual she went over! We could only meet for a short while though because of how busy we are but we are going to go out to Pancho Villas this Sunday for dinner.BDay 1.jpgAt night my family all ordered in an Indian and I got my presents. Unfortunately I had to do college work afterwards though. This year was definitely the best birthday in the last few years and I’m so thankful to everyone. It also seemed to have a big dinosaur theme if you didn’t notice…bday 2.jpg

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