World Book Day

Something that our generation is severely lacking in is the ability to pick up and read a book. Society has become so overly dependant on technology that they no longer find value in sitting down and reading.

Personally, nothing feels better than finishing off those last few pages of a great novel: I don’t understand how people even read on tablets or a Kindle – the satisfaction of turning the page and actually being able to feel the book in your hands is completely lost.

As technology becomes more increasingly a major part of how we live; you’ve got to wonder how long it will take until books are simply a thing of the past. For me, I find it hard to find time to read as I’m always so busy with college, blogging, work, writing and trying to win the league with Everton on FM. The way I manage to cram it in is even just on the train because otherwise I’m just going to be wasting my time scrolling through Facebook reading stuff that I simply don’t care about.

So to celebrate World Book Day why don’t you buy yourself some great quality second-hand books from WorldofBooks and take a break from technology. Who knows, you might even enjoy it!

Some of my collection

One thought on “World Book Day

  1. I’m guilty of not reading enough.

    My problem is that my attention span isn’t great, and I’m a slow reader. Practice hasn’t improved that. I learned to speed read but found that using that technique for novels was wasted on the novel as I didn’t spend time imagining the scenes.

    My 40-odd year career as Kilmarnock FC manager in FM gets in the way too, but this article has given me a kick up the bahookie to read more.


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