Top Things To Do In London 

The Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

You can’t spend time in London and not go to see Elizabeth Tower and the Palace of Westminster. The buildings are iconic and worth going for a visit – even if it’s just for a short time.

Buckingham Palace

I’m far from a royalist, and have no great love towards being British, but I couldn’t not go and see the Palace. There was crowds of around 5,000+ people there and I had no idea why – the band that was playing wasn’t that impressive – until I left and realised that the Queen was standing in the courtyard!

London Eye

Built in 2000 this giant Ferris wheel gives you a spectacular view of the city which is only surpassed by a trip to the extortionate Shard. Tickets cost £21 and can be purchase on the day or online. The cycle around lasted 30 minutes and it is currently the UK’s most attended paid tourist attraction.img_3316-1

Tower Bridge

Not to be mistaken for London Bridge, Tower Bridge sits famously across the Thames and has done since 1894. This is one of London’s most famous landmarks and it’s definitely worth heading to see – it looks really nice at night too!

St Paul’s Cathedral

The building is beautiful and it’s been known as one of London’s major landmarks for over 300 years. It’s even more beautiful in the inside and if you’re Christian (or even just appreciate stunning architecture) then I highly recommend checking it out.

Thames River Cruise

For £16 we got a 40 minute long cruises along the Thames learning about the history of London whilst sipping away at some Champagne. This was a great new way to see the city and it’s definitely worth looking into!

Drinks in Soho/Covent Garden

I basically became alcohol dependant over the weekend, constantly craving a cold glass of white wine and always on the look out for a nice bar. These two areas are the best places to go for an upmarket drink and we particularity really enjoyed Scarlet’s.

Emirates Stadium Tour 

There are so many teams to do a stadium tour for in London but for me there was only one choice – heading to Emirates. The tickets cost £20 and you get to take your time walking around the stadium learning different facts about Arsenal and the ground itself.

Natural History Museum

It’s no secret that I’m a huge dinosaur fanatic and a wildlife enthusiast so I couldn’t help but go to the Natural History Museum. It’s free entry (with a suggested donation) and you could spend all day here learning about the world around us.


You don’t know hell (or for you heaven) until you’ve spent an hour and a half in Topshop to come out empty handed…if shopping’s your thing though then you’ll love it here – from mammoth high street retailers to boutiques to thrifting in Camden; you’ll find it all in London. 

Do something different: 

Creme Egg Cafe

A cafe dedicated to all things Creme Egg, what’s not to love? Oh, and they have a ball pit!

First Dates Restaurant

This show is probably my biggest guilty pleasure and a trip to London wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the infamous First Dates restaurant. The Chenin Blanc is spectacular but unfortunately there was no Fred!img_3627

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