Today I went to the Glasgow Climbing Academy with two of my best mates Callum and Darren. I’d never been bouldering before so didn’t know what to expect but it was a great laugh: it’s essentially rock climbing minus the harnesses which makes it so much more enjoyable.

For shoe hire and entry it was £7 with a student card; this is extremely good value for money when you consider that there’s no time constraints for how long you stay for!

There are loads of difficulty levels to try out from beginner routes to expert/near impossible climbs. What’s good is that nobody judges you on your ability and if you are wanting to attempt something difficult and fail you don’t get a sense of shame or embarrassment.

I would recommend is making sure you use chalk and bring plasters with you because your hands will be worse for wear afterwards due to the coarse material.

I’ll definitely be heading back to the Climbing Academy very soon – plus it’s right next door to Ryze too – so it may be worth doing both while here!

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