Films to See This Month

The Revenant

Set in the 1820’s, explorer Hugh Glass (DiCaprio) is on a quest for survival after being brutally mauled by a bear and left for dead by his compatriots. The Revenant is wonderfully shot and will have you entranced throughout by the excellent story line and exceptional acting. This could finally be the film that wins DiCaprio that elusive Oscar.

Release date in the UK: 15th January 2016

The Hateful Eight

Set in Wyoming shortly after the Civil War it focuses on a bounty hunter trying to get his prisoner to the town of Red Rock. Of course it is isn’t that simple, with a winter storm forcing them to film shelter in cabin with some strangers, they soon realise that all isn’t what it seems. The Hateful Eight is a slow burner but don’t let that put you off – it’s full of the Tarantinoism’s that we all love with glorified over-the-top violence, hilarious dialogue and beautiful cinematography.

Release date in the UK: 8th January 2016

 Star Wars: The Force Awakens

If you haven’t seen the new Star Wars yet then where have you been? This is the seventh episode in the series and possibly the best yet with impressive sets, an entertaining storyline, throwbacks to the original episodes and solid acting from the cast. The force really has awakened in the Star Wars franchise and I can’t wait to see the next instalment.

Release date in the UK: 17th December 2015


This is the latest addition to the Rocky franchise see’s Rocky train up Apollo Creed’s son in an attempt to be heavy weight champion. To be honest, I hated this film, I found it extremely predictable and shot for shot the same as the previous six films. It’s been rated very highly though so I’d still recommend watching it to make up your own mind!

Release date in the UK: 15th January 2016

And here’s one final film that you should definitely avoid –

The Ridiculous Six

A “Netflix Original” about six brother’s who search after their dad to get some closure. The Ridiculous Six is probably the worst film I’ve seen in years with it’s terrible acting, awful storyline and woeful jokes. When will Adam Sandler realise he’s not funny anymore and just retire gracefully?

Also available on Netflix (duh).

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