Night in Xscape

To do something different than the usual trip up to Glasgow for date night Ashley and I decided to head over to Xscape at Braehead. 

We decided to go to Frankie and Benny’s for dinner and to be honest it wasn’t anything special. The burger just tasted like a frozen Birdseye paty and even the chips weren’t up to much. At least I managed to get 25% off of the bill though by subscribing to their mailing list! 

Afterwards we went up to the arcades which quickly turned competitive. These are a complete rip off but they provide a good laugh if you’re both equally bad! Bowling was meant to be the original plan but it was booked out for the next 3 hours so we opted for a game of crazy golf. This has never been a good idea for us as Ashley once took 17 attempts to pot the ball once and threw a tantrum! The crazy golf is really cheap at £6 for a student and you can normally just play for as long as you want with no-one moderating the courses. We only stayed for one round though after someone was a sore loser…  

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