January Blues

I always thought that having “January Blues” was just an expression and not a real issue that people faced. However, after doing so much in December and having a fantastic time over the festive period I am now left with a feeling of emptiness and boredom.

I feel fed up with everything at the moment; college no longer interests me and I don’t know if media is what I want to do anymore. Last year I found the jump from NC to HNC challenging but with the HND I haven’t noticed an increase in the difficulty at all. In fact, I only struggle with one class and even then I still seem to be passing first time in most of the exams. This should be good, right? The thing is, I like being challenged and forced out of my comfort zone, and this year I just don’t have it with the coursework.

The main issue I’m having is getting the motivation to start my GU project and I’m really stressed that I’m not going to achieve what I need to get into 3rd year at Caledonian/Napier. With that being said, if I can get all my interviews done then it’ll be back on track and I’ll have the content needed to actually create my online magazine.

The boredom can’t be from a lack of doing anything either as I’m rarely stuck the house or when I am I’m more than happy chilling, playing Football Manager or watching movies.  Maybe it’s because 2015 was the best year of my life and perhaps with all that excitement I’m worried that this year won’t be as exciting or memorable.

I was looking at ideas that could possibly help eradicate this depression and one was booking a summer holiday. So I spent the morning looking on Skyscanner for flights, and while I’m hopefully going to head out to Asia to travel again this year anyway, it’s taking me a lot of effort not to book a one-way flight to right now.img_2254

Does anyone have any advice to help me get through the month? Please comment and let me know!

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