My 2016 Goals

Again avoiding the “new year, new me” clichΓ© I have made a list of things that I would like to do in 2016.

  1. Finally learn to drive (even though I have no intention of getting a car).
  2. Go for a swim/gym session once a week.
  3. Scuba dive in a coral reef.
  4. Skydive – ideally somewhere with a good view.
  5. I’ve already been offered a place at Napier but ideally I’d like an unconditional/a realistic offer into 3rd year at Glasgow Caledonian University as it’s much closer to home.
  6. Go to the Holi festival in Glasgow.
  7. Be in a TV Audience.
  8. Raise money for charity.
  9. See the Northern Lights.
  10. Be a movie extra.
  11. Do volunteer work.
  12. Learn to speak another language.
  13. Go in a hot air balloon.
  14. See a perfect starry sky.
  15. Go on a safari.
  16. Get an A in my graded unit.
  17. Try skiing/snowboarding on either real snow or at Xscape.
  18. Visit 5 different countries.
  19. Backpack in South-East Asia again.
  20. Get a media related part-time job.
  21. Try to eat healthier and drink more water.
  22. Continue to blog and vlog on a regular basis.
  23. Climb a mountain that isn’t Goat Fell.
  24. Most of my best mates live all across the UK now for work and I’d like to be able to go down and see them more often.
  25. Be more organised with college and life in general.
  26. Read more – at least 2 books a month.
  27. Try and do more things out of my comfort zone.
  28. I’ve started getting random bursts of social anxiety recently despite being a relatively confident guy; I’d like to get nip this in the bud before it gets worse.
  29. It might just be an Ayrshire/Scottish thing but I’d like to cut back on my swearing.
  30. Rejoin a football team next season.

Check out how I got on with my 2015 goals here.

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