Christmas Haul Part 2

Due to the popularity of my Christmas Haul blog I’ve decided to give you all a quick look at what I got Ashley in return!

Since Ashley is really into her make-up and skin care it only made sense to get some of these items for her Christmas. If it was upto her she would have spent her whole budget on this but I opted to just get Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit, Vichy Idélia and a Beauty Blender. 

Despite rarely wearing trainers I felt that she desperately needed a new pair so I bought her Adidas Superstars – let’s just hope she doesn’t wear hers when I have mines on…she also asked for a pair of black converse to wear to college. 

I didn’t want to just give some generic gifts so I decided to buy some small, personal things too. The first is a elephant tea mug from Urban Outfitters, she loves tea and elephants are her favourite animal: that is until she got to ride one at a nature reserve in Chiang Mai and was screaming in terror, haha. Ashley has a major love for Thumper from Bambi and I always get her a soft toy for Christmas so this was an easy choice! The socks also were also down to the same thought process and the she loves seasalt caramel so I bought the truffles too.

The final gift was her Shellac training course at college which I paid for. We always do our own D.I.Y. Christmas cards and this was my attempt from this year.

Homemade Card

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