Christmas Haul

I’ve seen lots of people doing haul videos and blogs from Christmas so I thought I’d join in!

These can sometimes seem like people are bragging what their parents got them at a time when others might not receive as much. Everyone’s parents are in different financial situations and it’s not fair bragging and making other people’s parents hard work seem inferior. I’m so happy with what mines got me this year and I did really well but I’d feel uncomfortable showing them off. So instead of doing the traditional Christmas haul I’m just going to focus on what Ashley got me because apparently couple vlog’s/blog’s are very popular.

I only knew about one gift I was receiving and that was our hotel in London for Valentine’s weekend. It’s somewhere i’ve never been, and while I definitely don’t have any love for being British, it’s always interested me as there is so much to do!

The first surprise was a new Kanken bag for college/uni: I’ve had my current one for over a year now and even though it’s still in an okay condition I still wanted another to give me more variety. I’m funny with bags because I feel that most of them look really neddy or something that you’d see in the school playground.img_2006-3

I always wear shirts and you’ll rarely see me without one on, even if it’s just nipping to the shops, but I’m trying to stop and be a bit more casual. I recently got myself a Fred Perry polo and I really like it so Ashley got me a nice burgundy one!img_2019

Despite using aftershave everyday it’s something that I’ll always grudge buying myself. For the last two Christmases I’ve been given Chanel Blue and I love it but I’m now at a point that I can no longer smell it so I needed a change. So this year I received Chanel Allure Homme and it smells amazing – very happy at this because I don’t tend to like change.img_2012

Ashley is obsessed with bedding and fucking display pillows but to be fair to her this is such a good quality and feels amazing to sleep in, but still, she couldn’t help herself could she?img_2008

Now to move onto the cute present – a personalised book with reasons why she loves me: I definitely got outdone this year. Shame “you put up with my shite” isn’t in it though, haha!img_2014

My final small present from her was a bunch of American candy to try and the majority of them are sour which is perfect for me. Although I’ve had a bad experience with popping candy before so might have to give that a miss – ask about that story in person.img_2010

I’m so grateful for all of my presents and she’s spoiled me again this year! Depending on how many views this gets I might do one on what I got her in the coming days.

img_2025  img_2027

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