Clan v Panthers

Ever since getting offered free tickets from my manager a few years ago I have enjoyed going to Ice Hockey games. Unlike getting to Rugby Park for the football on a Saturday, they are extremely practical for me to attend as I work in the shopping centre that the Braehead Clan play their home match’s at and face-off when the shops shut at 7.

Despite going to a few games I still don’t have a full grasp of the rules but that adds to the experience and excitement of it all. Even in the UK the sport is extremely Americanised with everything being sponsored, sin bins, “time outs” and cheesy music. This isn’t necessarily a bad aspect though as it appeals to the fanbase and the atmosphere is better than at most of the Scottish football games – as is the attendance.At the matches you can enjoy a pint and enjoy a fast-paced sport which will have you constantly on the edge of your seat.In tonight’s match we had it all with great plays, fights and a penalty shoot-out. The only downside being the result in the end with Panthers winning with a sudden death penalty.Tickets cost around £16 for students and £18 for adults with the match normally lasting for two and a half hours.

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