Stereo Cafe Bar Review

After watching Cowspiracy last month I’ve been a lot more open and understanding about why people choose to be vegan. 

Hidden away in Renfield Lane in Glasgow’s city centre, Stereo is a vegan restaurant, a late night bar with regular live DJs, and a gig and club venue. I however only went the restaurant option although there was a free gig on downstairs with indie, acoustic and metal bands featuring on the bill.  Stereo had a laid back atmosphere and a real hipster vibe about it with its decor, wooden floors and dimmed lighting. For me the food wasn’t up to much, but this could be perhaps because I’m not vegan or vegetarian, and I don’t usually consider food as “a meal” unless it has meat in it. 

The nachos were below par with the cheese not tasting strong enough and the salsa lacking taste and spice – I’ve made better at home myself using an Old El Paso kit.   The menu looked excellent though and if I was presented with it in a regular restaraunt I’d happily eat here. The starter menu offered a range of tapas and lunch dishes and the main menu offered an array of different cuisines. If you have an intolerance to nuts then ensure you mention this to the staff before ordering as a lot of dishes contain them.

For now I’ll be sticking to eating meat but who knows I might try a vegan restaurant again! 

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