Tory Terrorists

As you will all know by now British MP’s voted on Wednesday to back airstrikes in Syria to “help defeat Islamic State”. Despite making heavy budget cuts and seeing a huge rise in food banks the government is somehow able to spend millions of tax payers money on a war.syria-air-strikes-no-1

The question has to be asked: What will bombing the Syria actually do?

These extremists are still going to exist in one form or another regardless of sending in airstrikes to Syria; they’ll have training camps spread across the world and all this will do is antagonise them. It is impossible to kill every single terrorist and destroy their beliefs so by the British English government choosing to get involved it will only increase the risk of us being targeted in retaliation.

Surely there will be more innocent human life lost by bombing Syria than what has been done in the rest of Europe by Daesh? We only need to look at Iraq and Afghanistan with the vast numbers of innocent people murdered by the British and American armies in the last fifteen years. The Conservative government claim that the bombings in modern warfare are very precise, which may be true, but why then did an Afghan hospital get “accidentally” blown up last month by the US? With all the technological advances at our disposal surely there is a cheaper, more efficient and humane way of eradicating IS without the spread of violence.

What makes matters worse is that the MP’s actually cheered at the decision of handing a death sentence to tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children across Syria and the Middle East.  The government also don’t have a proper plan in place in regards how they are going to bring peace to Syria (sounds a lot like the Iraq and Afghanistan wars).  In fact, it looks like they’re taking a tip out of Donald Trump’s book.

Only two Scottish MP’s voted in favour of these attacks but yet we are still getting dragged into another war that we do not want. This wouldn’t have happened if we had voted for independence and it emphasises again how little say we really have in our country’s affairs. On a plus side the bombings and the Tories stance on the recent refugee situation could be the final push the Scotland needs to break away from the Union.

The current government’s plan seems to be to bomb Syria then block our borders to the thousands trying to escape from the bloodshed.


3 thoughts on “Tory Terrorists

  1. It is a dilemma. Bomb or invade and innocents will die. Do nothing and IS will continue to grow and commit more attacks across the world and innocents will die. At which point is the rest of the world actually allowed to strike back?


  2. It is a dilemma. Bomb and invade and innocent people will die. Do nothing and IS will grow, with more attacks happening across the world and innocent people will die. At what point does is the rest of the world actually allowed to do something?


    1. I agree, something needs done, but the only problem is that they aren’t isolated to one particular area. Last thing we need/can afford is another decade long war so hopefully these airstrikes will only last a we months at most.


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