DIY Christmas Jumper

Now that it’s socially acceptable for me to blog about all things Christmas; here’s a guide to ensure that you have the most festive jumper around!

What you need: battery powered fairy lights, tinsel and baubles all from poundlands, a festive jumper – Primark offer some cracking ones for around £10 and a needle and thread.

Step One – Battery:

Remove the attachments on the fairy lights and secure the battery pack to the inside of your jumper. If the jumper has two layers then I recommend making a small incision in the first layer, placing the battery pack inside and sewing up the gap left behind.    Step Two – Baubles:

Sew your baubles onto the jumper and distribute them well so that they aren’t clustered around one area.  Step Three – Tinsel:

Superglue or sew some tinsel around the cuffs of the sleeves and neck of the jumper. If you’re using glue then check beforehand if it is safe to use with the material of your jumper.
 Step Four – Lights:

Feed the lights through the jumper into a logical and aesthetically pleasing order. Sew one stitch around each light on the inside to ensure it’s safely secured and place the attachments back on.  Check that the lights aren’t too close to the baubles as you want the jumper to look as exciting as possible.

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