Applying to Uni

When I was in school I never knew what I wanted to do with my life, I mean who really does at 16 with the limited subjects you study in school? My school wasn’t the best at providing information for college’s and other options due to their focus on getting students into university and therefore making the school look “more successful”.

After three years studying media at college, it is obviously a different story, last month I started my UCAS application. The process was simple enough, with the only difficulty being my personal statement and the age old “wanting to come across as a great candidate without sounding like a pretentious cunt” issue.

On Monday I sent away my application and today I received my first conditional – a B in HND to get into third year at Napier: I received an A at HNC so achieving this hopefully shouldn’t be too difficult. Napier isn’t my first choice of uni due to its location but it’s definitely a good start. Now just for Glasgow Caledonian to get back to me!


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