The Hunt

When it comes to nature documentaries I’m always going to be incredibly biased: I have a deep fascination with the world around us and I love seeing how it all works.

The Hunt so far is visually spectacular and has everything we’ve come to adore with these multi-million pound series by the BBC. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, and expertly composed by Steven Price, The Hunt will have all of your senses tingling and you will feel yourself there with the animals.

While watching these episodes it’s hard not to get emotionally involved with some of the situations of the animals being hunted. BBC’s seemingly favourite oceanic footage – a pod of Orca’s attacking and drowning the humpback whale calf, and a monkey getting torn limb from limb are particularly disturbing. You do have to hand it to the editing team though; they cut out as much as they can without hindering the audience’s viewing experience.  The insects on the other-hand are fair game, who doesn’t love to see a chameleon project its tongue and scoop up a grasshopper in slow-motion?

Being a media student I unsurprisingly enjoy watching the behind the footage at the end of the wildlife documentaries. The patience and dedication that these videographers put into getting the shots is truly admirable. In fact, despite my dream being having David Attenborough’s role in the series, even just helping create documentaries like this would be an incredible experience.

Hopefully these series by the BBC can inspire humanity to stop destroying our planet and to protect the wildlife so that future generations can appreciate these beautiful creatures.

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