Proper Start to Graded Unit 

My Graded Unit was meant to start a month ago and it’s safe to say I haven’t done much for it yet.

I have until April to design an online publication aimed at school leavers in 4th-6th year. Schools in Scotland only seem to focus on university options (perhaps to meet a quota?) and often leave out other others such as apprenticeships, college and the armed forces. My magazine will focus on providing these students with as much information as possible to help them in school but also help to decide what they want to do when they leave.

I’m hoping that it gets me into 3rd year at university and that my product gets placed in schools around Scotland. I got an A in the plan, which is 25% of the overall grade, so hopefully I should be able to get an overall A again this year. 

The main topics will be:

  • Apprenticeships information
  • College information
  • University information
  • Armed forces information
  • Study advice
  • How to impress and what to wear to interviews 
  • Best jobs for under 18’s
  • How not to get ripped off on 6th year holiday
  • Cooking tips for when they move out
  • Best buys for school
  • Beauty advice for school
  • SAAS and UCAS advice and information
  • Driving lesson advice 

Along with several others.

I have spent today preparing questions to interview students from as many universities and colleges in Scotland as possible. Ideally these will be filmed with shots of the campuses but a Q&A written format will also suffice.

I have also emailed Mhairi Black, Kevin Bridges and Jamie Genevieve in hope to add some more credible sources.

I’m working 88 hours over the next fortnight as the Fort and Braehead’s River Island’s stockrooms are combining. Doing that, studying and everything is gonna knacker me but it’ll be worth it come my Christmas wage.


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