“Self Discovery”

Now, without trying to sound like the stereotypical backpacker who is on a voyage of self-discovery, you do actually find out a few things about yourself when you’re taken away from your day to day life for an extended period of time.

Here’s a run-down of some of the things that I found out about myself whilst away:

  1. I am incredibly confident and will always be the first in a group of people to instigate a conversation.
  2. I am extremely tolerant of people. When in Vietnam we would often get treated as second class citizens by the locals: people would barge, push and be really ignorant towards me. It didn’t really bother me that much in comparison to most other travellers that I spoke to.
  3. I am a clean freak and at every hotel I would unpack everything and always kept the room tidy. The cleaning staff must have loved me.
  4. I love to be productive. I kind of already knew this but I didn’t realise the extent of it – I hate just sitting about doing nothing and always need to have something on the go.
  5. After my standard grade 4 in French at school I never really took much of an interest in languages. While away though I was able to pick up basic phrases in both Vietnamese and Thai which I never thought I’d be capable of.
  6. I really enjoy the finer things in life where possible. I’ve always been pretty chill with hotels and food, but some of the stuff you get over there is ridiculous. We had three hotels that were essentially shacks and you see dog meat in the street food – no thanks.
  7. I can now drink beer and love a glass of wine. I don’t know why but I have always preferred the taste of cider over beer and had never tried wine. With a bottle of Tiger coming in at around 12-30p it was an easy decision to start drinking it – just a shame it costs £4-5 when drinking Tiger over here though.
  8. I’m very patriotic towards being Scottish. We were on a bus full of English people saying where we were all from and I said Glasgow and their reply was “oh good, so we are all English”. Safe to say I pulled them up about it on the spot.
  9. I’m still at child at heart. If the hotel had a pool then you can guarantee that I’ll be in it at some point playing with my ball. Ashley would often play fetch with throwing the ball in and me diving in after it.
  10. I need to learn to document things more. I intended to keep a travel log/diary throughout the trip as well as recording loads of material to create a video with. I regret not doing this so much but when you’re busy having the time of your life it’s often hard to remember to do these things.

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