Must See in Bangkok

1. Walk around The Grand Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha

The buildings and temples built here are some of the most beautiful and elaborate that I have ever seen: everywhere you look is gold and gem encrusted. Entry is 500 baht and you will be required to wear clothes that cover knees, shoulders, stomachs etc. Clothes can be rented for a deposit of 200 baht per item. The Grand Palace and its grounds are open 7 days a week so ignore anyone who stops you enroute claiming that it’s closed.

2. Visit Wat Pho

This ancient site is home to the reclining Buddha and is a must see for anyone who goes to Bangkok. The entry fee is much more feasible at 100 baht and you’ll only need to rent clothes under extreme circumstances when entering the temples: they provide you with a coupon for a free bottle of water too which is a nice touch. This again is open 7 days a week so just ignore what the scam artists say.

3. Go to Khoa San Road

Bangkoks party central with busy pubs, street food and cheap clothes. Can drink on the street and take in the amazing atmosphere. Alcohol is cheap too with a large bottle of Chang costing you 90 baht. Only downside is you’ll get stopped a lot with offers of tuk tuk rides and ping-pong shows. The tourists here are all really friendly and you’ll meet people no bother.

4. Try the Street Food

Bangkok may be infamous for thaws but the locals don’t actually eat the insect stalls so don’t feel like you have to join in. Instead, try some Pad Thai (like a chow mein) it may not look the most appetising but it tastes wonderful: it’s so rich is flavour and comes in at around 35 baht for your meal.

5. Step up the Golden Mount

For 20 baht you can gain entry to one of Bangkok’s most beautiful attractions. Be sure to bring plenty of water as the walk involves over 400 stairs but offers plenty of opportunities to take a break in the 30+ degree heat. Once you reach the top you will be presented with a 360 degree view of Bangkok.

6. Go on a River Boat tour

For 800 baht you can go around Bangkok’s Chao Phraya river seeing the city for a different light. Locals wave as you go by and the beautiful temples make the whole trip a great experience.

7. Explore the Weekend Market

Chatuchak Market is a day out in itself with its endless rows of stalls and exceptional local cuisine. The heat is almost unbearable here so be sure t pack plenty of sun cream and water.

8. Get a Thai massage 

For around 100 baht you can get a traditional Thai massage for half an hour. We did this several times and I would highly recommend Charlie’s on Khoa San Road: it’s thorough but so relaxing.

9. Shop ’til You Drop

Visit MBK Shopping Centre for clothes, cosmetics, food or electronics over seven floors. Here you will also be able to hone in on your haggling skills and grab yourself a few bargains. For something more expensive cross the road and go to the Siam Paragon where you’ll find Louis Vuitton, Victoria’s Secret and other big brands.

10. Ride a Tuk Tuk

These are all over Bangkok and more expensive than a taxi but are definitely worth trying out. The traffic here is crazy so even a short journey in one of these will feel like a roller coaster ride.

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